What Season Is This?

Today is a Friday in beginning of December.

The outside temperature is 75 degrees and very, very humid. We are under watches and warnings for Strong T-Storms. Just put on the air conditioner to cut the rain forest effect.

Sunday is suppose to contain a snow and ice storm – temperatures not getting out of the 20’s.


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Harsh Reminder That Control of Your Health is an Illusion

Living with a life altering medical condition is a daily challenge. Receiving a medication that removed many of the handicaps, gave me the illusion of control. Sadly that illusion was smashed into little tiny pieces.

Of all the time it had to hit with the force of an EF-5 tornado it was the week of Thanksgiving.

I am so thankful for my family who were understanding through my “meltdown” on Thanksgiving and sprung into action when this condition climaxed the following Sunday into repeating convulsive seizures. There were so many areas that needed quickly responded to.

After further care in the emergency room I was able to return home. I know with out my family’s loving care the results would not have been the same.

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Trying Morning

Good morning all!

Today has begun with struggles to do household things that people take for granted.

I could not get my fingers and hands to braid my hair. The washing machine got an attitude and would not close it’s lid and let me do a load of wash; so I let it win – would not want it to get depressed by me beating on it.

But I did get some things done. I remembered to take all my meds, including my insulin, made my breakfast without incident, got the master toilet soaking with cleaner, fed the hen and cleaned out the hutch cabinets.

Now I am enjoying my breakfast and catching up on the morning news.

I consider my morning to be good.

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Our Family Thanksgiving is Near at Hand

My family waits for the next Thanksgiving starting with the day after this

Not only for the variety of foods but the craziness we have each year. We gather almost every Sunday as a family and have a meal together. But Thanksgiving is over-the-top. We gather together and go over all the things that have happened over the year. Sometimes it is happy memories, sadness, or losses we have faced.

Together we join as a Family. We are All a Family of Love. Thankful for each other and all we have.

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Mother Nature Needs Her Meds Adjusted Again

Our temperatures here are crazy. One day it is in the 70’s, the 20’s at night. The next day it doesn’t get over 40.

The weather people say next week it will snow!

The wind and rain have taken down the most of the leaves, the trees look like winter.

We have had a fire in the fireplace at night, now it has become an all-day thing.

All the family young and old are coming down with colds and sinus infections.

My statement stands steady. Mother Nature Needs Her Meds Adjusted Again!

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Hold the Ones You Love Close

My cousin has lost her husband this week – after listening to her pain it reminded me that we are not able to foresee what tomorrow will bring. Our lives are a gift.

During our lives we are given blessings above our own lives they come to us in the loved ones we include in our lives. They may be parents, spouses, children, or even grandchildren. Many people have their lives enriched helping strangers and fill their lives with joy.

Hold the ones you love close – do not let time get away. Do not waste one moment of the precious time you have.

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Listening to the House Wake Up

The other morning I woke up early and the sun was just coming up.

I was able to lay quiet and listen to my house wake up. That may sound like an odd thought but it is how I looked at it. This house isn’t not any where as old as the house I grew up in, this one is about twenty-one years old. But it has it’s voice if you listen carefully.

First there is the sound of my husband perking up the fire in the fireplace that is our major heat source. The because of the warmth the wood floors begin to talk and squeak as they their wood warm up. The Golden Cochin hen named Goldie who runs free as she wishes is singing with the mocking bird out side the window in the big tree. The quiet voices of the couple who have an apartment in our finished basement. Outside on the drive our grown children are going off to work.

Now in the bright of day, I smell the coffee and I get up to start the new day.

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