Meet the Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Maremma is known world wide as a guardian of flocks. Their reputation goes back for thousands of years.  They are a strong willed independent, large dog used to defend flocks against coyotes, feral dogs, and bobcats.  Hand and family raised Maremma are known for loyalty and close bonding to both their flocks and human handlers.

 These dogs are not ideal for urban areas with crowded conditions.  They need open space and can show hostility toward outsiders.  While these may sound like negative characteristics, these traits make them a wonderful choice for solitary guardian of flock.

The Maremma has a solid, muscular build, a thick white coat, large head, black nose and a bear-like face.  They typically weigh 65 – 110 with males being larger than the females. 

These dogs are commonly confused for the Pyrenees, but the Maremma has a higher level of caution, more intense and focused attitude. Their co-operation with goat herds is unsurpassed. 

The purchase of a Maremma for your herd should be from a quality breeder that provides support and guidance.  The pups should be up-to-date on shots, worming and heartworm prevention.

Further information is available from Lauree Barfield at Woodpoint Farm, in Mount Airy, North Carolina, 336-320-3323, . Mrs. Barfield has been raising Maremma since 1991 and is a wonderful source of further information.  She will be happy to share her knowledge and inform you about Maremma available for sale from her last breeding.


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