Time is helping – looking to the future is good

Time is helping the healing.  I miiss both my parents so much.  Now with Daddy gone – it brings the loss of Mommy back lke a slap in the face.

The doctors tried to help with new meds – the help was cruel and brutal – instead of helpful,  on top of that I got walking pneumonia.

This makes me know I better find a project or I’ll have a meltdown.

Today I had a meeting with my Lehman’s editor Sarah with my ideas for future articles and one for a  project. She agreed on the direction.

The garden is getting busy – fresh tomatoes and peppers.  Oh, pasta with slow cooked meat and veggies – My stomach is growling.

 I am looking at learning to combine rest and slowing down with the thoughts being able to go forward. 

Need to start my slow cook supper.  Lunch coming home with Keith with the fresh ingredients we don’t grow for supper – ground meats and bread I didn’t get a chance to make.


About dorifritzinger

I have been a freelance writer since the days of typewriters and snail-mail. My home life centers around a large multi-generational family and our small family farm. I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and mentor. In my free time I love to read, quilt, do embroidery, grow herbs & study herbology, history and languages.
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2 Responses to Time is helping – looking to the future is good

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  2. Lisa (Dankelmann) Heere says:

    I know it’s a while since this post but like I mentioned in my other one I just found your blog. My parents are both gone. Of course, you knew me after my dad passed. My son has just turned 25 and 1 month before he was born my mom departed this world. Time has a wonderful way of either helping to heal the hurt or giving you one heck of a band-aid to stick over the boo boo.

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