Spring is here – with the Little Black Ants

All winter I have waited for spring. The flowers, fresh breezes drifting in open windows.

But with the lovely sunshine of spring – comes those pesky little black ants. Ants – in the sugar, around the sink, crawling on your counters. Those tiny black ants are carrying germs from one place to another.

I try to stay to natural solutions for pest control. The natural repellant I have had the best success with; was cinnamon and bay leaves. But ants are smart little pests and soon figure out that the cinnamon is harmless to them and come back. The bay leaves stop them from coming in the first place. Place the whole bay leaves in and about the house – they look pretty when placed in small clear candle votives on counters.

There are bait insecticides that lure the ants to them and then the ants take the bait back to their nests. I have found these most effective are able to be placed in the ants trails where they would be out of reach to children and pets.

If these steps are not successful – trying a different bait or location may work.

If in doubt about using stronger or other insecticide products I would recommend contacting a professional pest control company.


About dorifritzinger

I have been a freelance writer since the days of typewriters and snail-mail. My home life centers around a large multi-generational family and our small family farm. I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and mentor. In my free time I love to read, quilt, do embroidery, grow herbs & study herbology, history and languages.
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